The Team

The TAUK Publishing team are a group of carefully selected professionals, each with a unique talent and skill in the publishing process.

We work collaboratively with the team, our partners, and most importantly, YOU! We encourage you to be as creative as you can so we can deliver each element of your book. We want you to have as much fun in its creation as we do.

Publishing and Development Team

Estelle Maher is at the head of TAUK Publishing, coordinating and managing each step of the publishing journey. The TAUK team have a hands-on approach which is often the reassuring element new authors appreciate the most. Estelle is a published author, and she knows exactly how you feel. “That feeling on publication day and having the book in my hands was one of the best days of my life.”

Estelle Maher

Jude Lennon is a very successful independent author with a range of children’s books and fiction. Jude’s role in author development includes editing and mentoring new children’s authors, delivering creative writing courses and children’s book workshops. Jude also organises and delivers the annual TAUK Publishing writers’ retreats.

Phil Burrows is an author in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. The team’s E-book expert, he understands the ins and outs of publishing in MOBI format. Phil is a website developer and specialises in developing websites for authors.

Jude Lennon

Phil Burrows

Preferred Partner Design Team

A really good book is noticeable by its design.

Every element comes together like a tried and true recipe, with the chief designer managing the secret sauce ingredients: cover, interior layout, font selection and illustrations. Our design team are not only very experienced but uber-talented! The TAUK Design Team are specialists in children’s picture books, non-fiction books and cover designs for all styles and genres.

Sarah Fountain

Fountain Creative 

Noel Fountain

Fountain Creative

Michelle Catanach

Inky Soup