Lesley Rawlinson

I first met Sue Miller in March 2017 when I was at a Writers’ Retreat in Shropshire. I had written a selection of short stories and had a burgeoning idea for a novel, but I had no idea what to do next. Publishing was a complete mystery to me. It was thanks to Sue and TAUK Publishing that I was able to take my first steps on the road to becoming a published children’s author.

Since 2017, I have published seven books with TAUK Publishing, working with top-class illustrators as well as a professional editing team, who insist on the highest standards to produce top-quality books. They’ve also helped me set up and maintain my website and learn about all aspects of marketing. Importantly, they are not just people I can work with, I count them as my friends. TAUK Publishing is definitely the complete package.

Shazia Sarwar-Azim

I had read a few books published by TAUK Kids and what really stood out was how the illustrations were really magical and inviting for the children.

As a new author, I was unclear of the process, procedures and what to expect from an assisted publishing company. Luckily this team of experts made me feel extremely comfortable, helped shape my vision and provided clarity every step of the way. It was easy to share my worries with a little WhatsApp message, and the next thing someone would answer your questions. I cried so many times during the journey with excitement after receiving draft after draft, watching my book come to life.

When I received The Rainbow Within, the illustrations tell the story and create a real climax on all the right pages. The quality is great! The Rainbow Within was published in enough time to support National Mental Health Week, SEND awareness and National Book Day. I’m a very happy author!

Jude Lennon

When I first decided to publish my books, I had no idea how to go about it, and boy, was it a steep learning curve. TAUK Publishing helped to make this curve manageable. Approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and professional, TAUK Publishing and their preferred partners guide you through the steps until you hold your very own book in your hands. There’s no feeling like it.

Whether you need all of their services or more of a pick and mix approach, you will receive support and guidance from a dedicated team who are passionate about books and words. I have published twenty-one books, and TAUK Publishing have been involved with them all! I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to publish.

SW Fellows

When I first entered the world of publishing, I was really nervous. Like many debut authors, I researched various companies that offered to help you become an indie author. Some of the reviews were horrendous! Luckily, I checked out TAUK Publishing.

TAUK Publishing sent me a complete breakdown of publishing costs. So what makes them different?

TAUK Publishing offered a friendly, tailor-made service, particular to ME. They provided marketing guides and advice on publishing via Amazon, including provision to set up my e-book for Kindle readers. The TAUK Publishing illustrator provided a wonderful book cover, following my requirements. Sue Miller carefully checked each line of my book, and then it was all systems go! ‘The Whytfield Inheritance’ was published! It was the beginning of my life as a published author, and it’s all thanks to TAUK Publishing.

Alison Blackler

I chose TAUK Publishing to support the publishing of my book, having heard nothing but good feedback. I had watched TAUK Publishing support many authors fulfil their dreams and publish their books. I met Sue at a literary lunch and saw the connection between the Authors– “I wanted to be in this gang!”

Sue, Estelle and the team are professional, friendly and no question or issue is too difficult. They are able to support the technical side of uploading, sizing and navigating Amazon. They offer a proofreading service which is great, and their feedback is relevant and helpful. They are generous in sharing other great tips and experiences for success. They are like a one-stop shop for a self-publisher. I would strongly recommend them and will be using them again for my third book.