Frequently Asked Questions

The TAUK Team is committed to guiding you through the publishing journey every step of the way. Our personal guidance saves many an independent author time, frustration and more crucially… mistakes!


Here are some of the main queries we receive.

What is KDP?

Amazon developed a platform called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) so authors could publish their work free of charge. Your KDP account is linked to your Amazon account, but it has a separate login page. This is where all the details of your book(s) will be listed, your files uploaded, your pricing set and much more. There is a reports section to give you information on book sales in different countries and royalties earned. Paperback and e-books are uploaded to Amazon through KDP. TAUK Publishing provides this as a standard service for our authors.

What are ISBN Numbers?
Every print title published requires an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which uniquely identifies your book. These are purchased online by the author from Nielsen’s Agency in the UK. TAUK Publishing provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
What is Nielsen's Title Editor?
Once your book is published, you can add your title to Nielsen’s database, making your book visible to booksellers, libraries and more. TAUK Publishing provides a step-by-step guide on how to do this.
Do you publish e-books?
Yes, we offer a service that will convert your pdf files to MOBI format and be available for readers to purchase from your Amazon page. This is available for customers with Kindle devices or other phones and tablets that have the Kindle app installed. E-books are an optional but highly recommended service for authors – especially for novels and non-fiction books.


What other services do you offer?

There are core services that every successful book requires. Our preferred partners are carefully selected for their talent and expertise, and we have worked with them on many books over the years. Through our team, we can offer a variety of optional services in publication and marketing. We provide a detailed quote on our core packages as well as each of the additional services you are interested in. Please view the Publish With Us section on the website.


What is copyright?

Copyright is a law that gives the owner of a piece of work such as your book the right to say how people can use it. It protects authors from people copying their work without permission. Infringing copyright is a serious offence. There is a standard copyright statement at the front of each book that TAUK Publishing will supply for you.

How do I price my book?
We will be able to advise you on the best price for your book, taking into consideration the size, page count and typical RRP for the UK market. There are separate guidelines for pricing your paperback and e-book. TAUK Publishing will make sure that your book is competitively priced and explain your options.
What countries will my book be available on Amazon?

Your book is uploaded to Amazon/KDP in the UK, which is your primary marketplace. It will also automatically be available in several countries in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan and priced in their currency.

What size will my book be?
Amazon/KDP have a range of book size templates that are available through their platform. It is recommended that you have an idea of what size you’d like your book to be – often by looking at similar books already published in your genre or type. The book size can be found on a book’s Amazon page by scrolling down to see the ‘product details’ section. TAUK Publishing will recommend what size we think is most suitable for your book.
How long will it take to publish my book?

This can vary from title to title as no two books are the same. However, when you receive your quote, we will advise an approximate date for publication. Typically, a book takes 3 to 4 months from start to finish. If your book has many illustrations (EG. a children’s picture book), it can take longer.

Can I get a copy of my book before it goes on sale?

You can order a printed ‘proof’ copy once your book has been uploaded and passed the initial review process by KDP. This adds time to the publishing process as it can take 5 or more days for you to receive your proof copy. Authors have the opportunity to proof a digital copy – which is much quicker. It is your choice.

What is POD?

This stands for ‘print-on-demand’. When your book is published to Amazon’s platforms, you do not need to hold an inventory. When a person purchases a book from Amazon, it is printed and shipped directly. There is no direct cost to you for this service. (see ‘royalties’)

How can I get author copies of my book?
Once your book has been approved by KDP and is ‘live’ on Amazon, you can order any number of author copies from your KDP dashboard. You will pay the base price set by KDP plus shipping. Effectively, you are getting author copies at ‘wholesale’ price. You will not be paid a royalty on these books. Depending on your need for physical copies, there may be other cost-effective ways of doing this. TAUK Publishing can advise you on your options in greater detail if required.
Is my book only available through Amazon?
When your book is uploaded to the Amazon platform, it is primarily available through their marketplaces only. There are options for ‘expanded distribution’ in some cases. If you use the Nielsen’s Title Editor service, your book has wider distribution opportunities. There is also Ingram Spark publishing service as an option. This can be a very complex process and we will advise and explain your options so you can make an informed decision.
What is Ingram Spark and can I use this as well as or instead of Amazon?
This is a separate online service where independent authors can publish their books. There is a minimal cost to use Ingram Spark, but it gives authors wider distribution opportunities. Ingram Spark and Amazon distribution options should be kept independent of each other. Despite many people’s views of Amazon – it really is a key distribution option for new authors as it is where the bulk of readers go to find books. TAUK Publishing can provide a guide on uploading a book to Ingram Spark if it is of interest.
Can my book be on the shelves in bookstores?

First, it is critical that you use an ISBN number from Nielsen’s Agency (see separate point). You can source a ‘free’ ISBN number, but it has limitations that you need to be aware of. Local independent bookshops are often willing to stock your book on their shelves, but it is difficult to get national exposure in mainstream bookshops as a new author. This is a complex issue and TAUK Publishing can explain the process in greater detail if required.

How do I get paid royalties?

When you set up your Amazon/KDP account for the first time, you will enter your bank account details. This is where KDP will pay your royalties for books sold each month. You are paid approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported.

How are royalties calculated?
Amazon/KDP will retain a portion of the price for printing and shipping each book. The size, number of pages and whether it has colour or black and white interior will determine KDP’s minimum price (see ‘pricing my book’). After KDP’s calculation, you are paid the remaining amount as a ‘royalty’. TAUK Publishing does not take any portion of the royalties earned on the sales of your books.


What is Author Central?
This is a service offered through Amazon where authors can post their bio, picture and website. You can link all your books to your Author Central account. Readers who are interested in your books can then ‘follow’ you and it’s a good way for them to find out about other books you have published. TAUK Publishing provides a step-by-step guide on how to set this up.


How do I successfully launch my book?
This can be a very scary thought but with the help and guidance of our team, we’ll make sure you’ve got this! We understand how you prepare and set-up a successful online launch, how it’s possible to reach Amazon Bestseller status and much more. Social media is a crucial tool, and we’ll support you in setting up relevant accounts if you haven’t already. We’ll also explain the pros and cons of having a ‘physical’ book launch and how you can do both. Do not worry – TAUK Publishing has lots of tips and tricks that we will share with you. 
Will you edit my book?
We offer a copy edit service which looks for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. A copy editor will also look for inconsistencies and check if any facts used in the text are correct. TAUK Publishing offer editing/proofreading as a standard service to ensure the quality of your book.