TAUK Publishing will connect you with an illustrator from our preferred illustration team if you are publishing a children’s picture book or need bespoke illustrations for non-fiction titles.

The vision of your book’s characters as well as the target age of reader are part of the decision in choosing your illustrator. TAUK’s design team will help you choose a style that suits your book, making the choice of illustrator easier.

A very exciting part of your journey includes the character design, storyboard, conceptual artwork and colour proofs. Authors literally watch their characters come to life on the page – a moment that never stops being a thrill whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned vet!

Once your personal team is complete, the designer, illustrator and our publishing team will work closely with you from the beginning. It is a collaborative process that we have proven over and over again to work successfully.

Deborah created a book from childhood memories with her dad.

Deborah Bell – The Adventures of Debbie’s Dad.


Andrea needed someone to understand her 80’s vibe.

Andrea Moulding – Throwing Salt at the Devil. 

Preferred Partner Illustration Team

Lisa Williams

John Peter Meiring

Michelle Catanach

Sarah Fountain

Sarah Parkinson

Charley Wilcock

Iain Buchanan

What else is possible?

We work with specialists in animation and voice-over to create children’s video storybooks on YouTube. For authors who want to take their marketing exposure to the next level, we have talented partners who will deliver new and exciting content to share with your audience. See our Pick ‘n’ Mix menu for ideas.

Preferred Partner Animation Team

Charley Wilcock


John Peter Meiring


Charlotte Chiew

Voice-Over Artist

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