Several of our authors go on to publish multiple books with TAUK – a testimony of their satisfaction and success. Many have achieved Amazon Bestseller status on launch day – an exciting accomplishment!


With more than 100 authors and hundreds of books published, our reputation is measured by word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials.

Use TAUK Publishing for Fiction, Non-Fiction and Children’s Picture Books.

It can be an arduous process finding an agent or traditional publisher to take you on as an author. Self-publishing is an attractive option for getting your book to market quickly, once it is ready.

Contrary to what you may have heard, most traditional publishers don’t frown upon self-publishing. In fact, it may work in your favour if you have a high-quality product and use our tips and tricks to build followers and reviews.

With our service, ultimately YOU are the publisher. If at any time you get a publishing deal, you are not locked into any contracts with TAUK Publishing. You’ve paid for our publishing services, but the copyright, the royalties and the book are YOURS.

The TAUK Publishing model gives authors creative control, 100% royalties, and complete ownership of their book.

Our authors’ books are featured on the TAUK Pinterest site with images and links to children’s, fiction and non-fiction titles. Have a peek at the wide range we’ve published for inspiration and confidence in our publishing success.


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