Audiobooks are now the fastest-growing format and TAUK Publishing can help you adapt your book.

The boom of the audiobook has not passed us by and we have listened to our authors who wish to have their published books adapted. Book lovers worldwide find this option a perfect way to listen to stories while completing other tasks. An audiobook, if narrated and produced well, is a pleasure and all at the touch of a button.

Audiobooks are not quick to produce – it’s so much more than just reading a book! After seeing packages for around £10,000 with our competitors, we feel you will be pleasantly surprised by what we can offer. You can hire a studio and read the book yourself, or have equipment sent to your home and work with a sound producer, or perhaps you just want to hand your work over and let the team do what they do best while you start your next book.

If you want to make a great audiobook that meets Audible’s strict audio standards, you will no doubt need the help of a professional. Contact us for a chat so we can demystify the world of audiobooks for you and find the level of help you need. 



For further information and a no-obligation quote for your specific needs: