An Interview with Jane Hunting

We have been privileged to assist author Jane Hunting in publishing her latest children’s book, Chastasia and the Chakra Fairies, which is due out today. She talks to us about her writing, inspirations and why she wrote this book.

Tell us about the book you have written.

Chastasia and the Chakra Fairies is about a ten-year-old girl who encounters the root fairy whilst angrily kicking fallen leaves on her way to school. Mrs Flutterbuttocks teaches her to be grateful for all the blessings she has. Puddlefuddle, the fairy of the watery sacral chakra, takes over and gives her guidance along with Sola Panelli, the solar plexus fairy; Anna Harta, the heart chakra fairy; Madam Speaker, the throat chakra fairy (who Sola Panelli has a crush on!); Ajna Seer, the brow chakra fairy; and Omi Goodness, who holds all the fairies together from the crown chakra. They all positively affect Chastasia that even Mr Slavedriver, her teacher, notices and best of all, Destiny Downtrodden, her arch enemy, consequently becomes her best friend. My intention in writing this book is for children and adults alike to learn through humour and lovely visuals the workings of the chakra system, and I hope it will greatly influence their spiritual understanding.

Do you believe in fairies?

Yes, I most certainly do believe in fairies. I have the ability to tune into the spirit world and converse with them. My forthcoming book on Angels (Meet Jane’s Angels and Discover Your Own) shows a photo of Titiana, the Fairy Queen of Thorpe Cloud, in an ash tree in Derbyshire when the fairies asked, “Maidens of the world unite!”  Mrs Flutterbuttocks and Puddlefuddle are real fairies who helped me in my healing business (A client once said she saw a silver sparkly light dart over her on the couch while I was doing reiki!)  I share many more fairy encounters in my previous book Hello Nature Spirits! (2018).

The ash tree. If you relax your gaze, you can see the head, neck and shoulders of the Fairy Queen Titiana, who Jane mentions meeting at Thorpe Cloud.

What inspired this story?

The journey I’ve been on for 25 years inspired me to delve into the world of spiritual books for children. My original career choice was a teacher, but I became a secretary instead. However, I did teach Sunday School for a few years. I also enjoy guiding my two grandchildren on spiritual matters.

How long did it take to write?

It only took about two to three hours to write because it just flowed! That was a few years, and then I rediscovered it on my laptop. I took my time editing it and tweaking it until I was happy.

Have you ever written before?

Yes, I have written three spiritual books, and the fourth is in the cover design stage, but this fifth is my first children’s book.

Jane’s fairy windowsill, complete with tiny furniture.

Is the book how you imagined it to be?

This book is all that and more! Thanks to Lisa Williams of TAUK Publishing for bringing it to life with all her wonderful illustrations!

Is there a children’s author you admire?

Julia Donaldson, author of the famous The Gruffalo, which I loved reading to my niece when it was first published, and Raymond Briggs (RIP), author and illustrator of The Snowman, are two I admire.

If you could pick anyone to read your story on Jackanory, who would it be?

One person I greatly admire for her marvellous acting ability and open-mindedness about spiritual matters is Judi Dench. (A clairvoyant chose her name in the 1930s!) A close second would be Joanna Lumley—that would be Absolutely Fabulous!

You’re watching TV and wish you were part of the writing team. What are you watching?

Nothing to do with children, but The Road Dance on BBC iPlayer. It’s so cleverly written, set in 1915/16 in a beautiful Irish village, a tender love story, unexpected twists and turns and, most of all, a happy ending! So cleverly written and not a swear word to be heard!

What was the best thing about working with TAUK Publishing?

All of it! From the initial Zoom meeting with Estelle and two of her team, who were to fulfil my dream, to the brilliant illustrations by the very talented Lisa Williams and the delightful cover design and layout by Michelle Catanach. This was indeed the Dream Team to work with! Thank you from the bottom of my Anna Harta chakra! 🙂 

You can follow Jane on her website, Now available on Amazon and select bookshops.

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