One of the biggest hurdles when you have finished writing your book, is finding someone who can help you. Not only that, you want to find someone who understands your work and can publish that ‘image’ you have in your head.

We know it’s hard to start sharing your work. All of our authors have said, “It’s not very good,” or “I have no idea what I even need.” This is why we have created the team we have at TAUK Publishing. Some of us have published our own books, and we can all remember those first scary steps. Ali said, “I’m such a stress monkey, but TAUK helped so much.” Shazia admitted to being very emotional about her work and said, “It was easy to share my worries with the team.”

We are here to give you confidence and hold your hand as you take that first step into publishing your work.

The home for self-published authors in the UK

With more than 100 authors and 100s books published, our reputation is measured by word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials.

While traditional publishing may only be an option for some, self-publishing is an option for ALL.

We encourage submissions from fiction, non-fiction and children’s authors.

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